Cook Supervisor

Department: Production

Job Title: Cook Supervisor

Status: Full Time

4461 Twp Line Rd, Schwenksville, PA 19473

Job purpose:

Work with the Production Manager to supervise the cooking operation and ensure production efficiency and product quality.

Key Responsibilities:

Work with Production Manager to supervise production employees.

Oversee employees to make certain employees are performing the job duties listed on their job description and using the correct tools for the job.

Cross train employees to ensure staff can fill in or back up when needed.

Ensuring all products are manufactured according to proper procedure and recipe.

Work with Production Manager to ensure that all food safety and quality checklists are properly completed and are being done in real time as they happen, not after the fact.

Work with Production Manager to make certain each room runs in a productive and efficient manner.

Set completion times for each work area to complete their assignments to assure productivity.

Monitor staff to assure they are on track with completion times and using equipment as directed.

Hold staff accountable to the completion times unless they have reasons like equipment breakdown as to why production wasn’t completed on time.  Breakdowns should be verified with Maintenance.

Control staff’s break times.  Establish rules for breaks, staff asks permission before they leave, and limit the number of staff on breaks at the same time.   Document and discuss disciplinary action with Production Manager.

Maintain lot traceability on all ingredients used in production with the Raw Material Warehouse Coordinator.

Make certain that ingredients that are not used in production or are partials are properly tagged and returned to the Raw Material Warehouse Coordinator, maintaining allergen separation and lot traceability.

Communicate all changes / deviations to production recipes to the Raw Material Warehouse Coordinator to make sure the proper ingredients are documented to the Production Work Order in the computer system.

Make certain the proper records for each salad are being compiled and saved.

Work on ideas to increase productivity. Watch people working and look for inefficiencies that are opportunities for improvement.  If a task takes 20 steps and doing it a different way, reduced the task to 10 steps, that is an efficiency improvement.

Food Safety Responsibilities:

Ensuring that all products are made to specification

GMP reinforcement to all production employees

Direct contact with QA in the event of any food safety issues

Support the QA Department and drive quality programs implemented in the plant


Must have cooking knowledge and terminology. Knowledge of appropriate knife skills use and how to take care of knives.

Ability to use basic food preparation techniques.

Ability to follow recipes and understand portions.

Knowledge of food safety requirements.

Ability to cook foods to appropriate temperatures and accurately document findings.

Ability to weigh and read a scale accurately. Ability to perform and understand basic math calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication) and use a calculator.

Excellent supervisory skills.

Knowledge of principles and methods for training and teaching staff.

Must be able to work in a rapidly changing work environment. Must be able to adapt to changes manage competing demands and is able to deal with frequent change, delays or unexpected events.

A well organized, dependable, detail orientated, self-directed individual with time management skills.  Ability to multi-task.  Remains open to other’s ideas and exhibits willingness to try new things.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Able to be an active listener and can relay information accurately to others. Must be able to follow instructions and solicit feedback to improve performance.

Is discreet and behaves with a high degree of professionalism. Maintains strict confidentiality.

Prioritizes, plans, and uses time efficiently. Demonstrates a high level of accuracy and thoroughness, monitors own work to ensure quality and applies feedback to improve performance. Meets deadlines.

Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner, gathers and analyzes information competently. Uses good judgement and exercises sound decision making skills.

Strong interpersonal skills and employee / customer skills, being courteous, professional, and helpful, while showing courtesy, friendliness, and respect.

Physical Demands /Work Environment:

This position works in a cold climate at about 34 to 38 degrees.

Must be able to lift 40 to 50 pounds consistently.

This position works around moving equipment.

The noise level can be moderate or loud according to different machines.

Use arms, fingers, hands, eyes, and ears.

Must be able to reach, stretch, push, pull, mix product, kneel, bend, use arms, hands, and ability to walk during daily routine.

Employee may stand for long periods of time.