A complete line of uniquely comforting snacks made with high-quality, uncomplicated ingredients. Perfect for at-home gatherings, but delicious anytime, these dips will keep your customers coming back for more.

Cheddar Bacon and Ranch Dip
Cheddar Bacon and Ranch Dip

Ranch flavored dip with shredded cheddar cheese and crispy bacon.

Cheddar Horseradish and Chive Dip
Horseradish Cheddar Dip

Creamy horseradish dip with shredded cheddar cheese and chives.

Chocolate Cherry Mascarpone Dip
Cherry Chocolate and Mascarpone Dip

Mascarpone cheese whipped with cocoa powder, cherries and chocolate chips.

Spinach Artichoke and Jalapeno Dip
Spiach Artichoke Jalepeno Dip

Whipped cream cheese blended with spinach, chopped artichokes, jalapenos, asiago cheese and garlic.

Street Corn Dip
Mexican Style Street Corn Dip

Based off the classic Mexican street food. Whipped cream cheese and mayo with roasted corn, chili powder and cheese.

Taco Bean Dip
Taco Bean Dip

Refried beans blended with sour cream, tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese. Mixed with taco-style spices and fire roasted jalapenos.