There once was a boy named Don. Decades ago, in the not-so-far-off land of Philadelphia, young Don got a job in a delicatessen. He worked, he watched, he learned, he wowed! Finally, after years of seasoning, the next great chapter in his life was ready to begin.

With some chicken liver, a dream and a dream girl, Don launched “Don’s Food Products” out of his small, 70s-era kitchen. It was here where Don and his wife Roz crafted their most important recipe—the one for long-term success.

“We’re not making anything we wouldn’t happily eat ourselves or serve to our families,” proclaimed Don.

Thus, the flavorful foundation was laid. One crafted with equal parts quality ingredients, well-tested prep, homemade touch and relentless innovation.

Now, nearly 50 years later, our appetite to amaze is as strong as ever, whether that’s creating for the now or innovating for the next. Solutions remain our specialty, and we continue to dish out the unexpected—just as we have for generations.

The kitchen is our playground, the dining table is our stage. We’re Don’s Prepared Foods, and we do delicious differently.




Ready-to-eat salads, gourmet cream cheese spreads, dips, entrées and desserts.


High-quality small-batch salads. Handmade using only clean and simple ingredients.


Delicious, clean label cream cheese spreads. Handcrafted and blended daily in small batches.